Altova MapForce 2022 Professional Edition

The MapForceControlPlaceHolder control is required to host an application helper window, see also Integration at Document Level. In the code listing below, the HTML object tag is used to instantiate a control that will host the Libraries window by default (PlaceholderWindowID is 0).


<!-- create helper window placeholder control.           -->
<!-- the editor with focus will automatically direct its -->
<!-- output to the appropriate helper window.            -->
<object id="objPlaceholderWindow" Classid="clsid:FDEC3B04-05F2-427d-988C-F03A85DE53C2" width="200" height="200" VIEWASTEXT>
  <param name="PlaceholderWindowID" value="0">
  <param name="FileName" value="">


The example HTML page includes a few buttons which call the BtnHelperWindow method when clicked. The BtnHelperWindow method reassigns the PlaceholderWindowID of the control, and thus cause the ActiveX object to display a different helper window.


// specify which of the helper windows shall be shown in the placeholder control.
function BtnHelperWindow(i_ePlaceholderWindowID)
  objPlaceholderWindow.PlaceholderWindowID = i_ePlaceholderWindowID;


For the list of possible values of PlaceholderWindowID, see MapForceControlPlaceholderWindow.

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