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Inserting Regions

Regions are sections of text that you mark and declare as a unit to structure your SQL scripts. Regions can be collapsed and expanded to display or hide parts of SQL scripts. It is also possible to nest regions within other regions.


When you insert a region, an expand/collapse icon and a --region comment are inserted above the selected text.


Note:You can change the name of a region by appending descriptive text to the --region comment. The word "region" must not be deleted, e.g. --region DB2query.



To create a region:

1.In the SQL Editor, select the statements you want to make into a region.
2.Right-click and select Add Region from the context menu. The selected statements become a region which can be expanded or collapsed.


3.Click the + or - box to expand or collapse the region.



To remove a region:

Delete the -- region and -- endregion comments.

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