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Adding and Removing SQL Comments

The SQL Editor allows you to comment out statements, parts of statements, or groups of statements. These statements, or the respective parts of them, are skipped when the SQL script is being executed.



To comment out a section of text:

1.Select a statement or part of a statement.
2.Right-click the selected statement and select Insert / Remove Block Comment.



To comment out text line by line:

Right-click at the position you want to comment out the text and select Insert / Remove Line Comment. The statement is commented out from the current position of the cursor to the end of the statement.



To remove a block comment or a line comment:

1.Select the part of the statement that is commented out. If you want to remove a line comment, it is sufficient to select only the comment marks -- before the comment.
2.Right-click and select Insert / Remove Block (or Line) Comment.

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