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Starting the Database Connection Wizard

Whenever you take an action that requires a database connection, a wizard appears that guides you through the steps required to set up the connection.


Before you go through the wizard steps, be aware that for some database types it is necessary to install and configure separately several database prerequisites, such as a database driver or database client software. These are normally provided by the respective database vendors, and include documentation tailored to your specific Windows version. For a list of database drivers grouped by database type, see Database Drivers Overview.



To add the database as a source or target component on a mapping:

On the Insert menu, click Database.



To add the database as a reusable global resource:

1.On the Tools menu, click Global Resources.
2.Click Add, and then click Database.
3.Click Choose Database.



After you select a database type and click Next, the on-screen instructions will depend on the database kind, technology (ADO, ADO.NET, ODBC, JDBC) and driver used.


For examples applicable to each database type, see Database Connection Examples. For instructions applicable to each database access technology, refer to the following topics:


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