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Altova MapForce 2022 Professional Edition

To generate C# code from a mapping design file (.mfd):


1.If you haven't done so already, create a new mapping or open an existing one in MapForce.

2.Select C# as mapping transformation language. To do this, either click the cg-csharp-lang toolbar button or select the menu command Output | C# (Sharp).

3.Set or change the C# code generation options as described in Selecting the target platform.

4.Select the menu command File | Generate code in | C# (Sharp). You are now prompted to select a target directory.

5.Browse for the directory of your choice (for example, "C:\codegen\ConvertProducts") and click OK.


The code generation outcome is displayed in the Messages window, for example:


Optionally, click the link in the Messages window to open the generated solution in Visual Studio.


Note that, if you chose to generate code targeting .NET 5 or .NET Core platforms, you need the respective SDKs and a compatible Visual Studio version. For the download package applicable to your operating system and platform, refer to the Microsoft website (


To double-check the project's target framework from Visual Studio, right-click the "Mapping" project in the Solution Explorer, select Properties, and observe the value displayed in the Target Framework drop-down list, for example:


The default name of the generated application is Mapping. Optionally, you can change this and other settings before generating code, from the Mapping Settings dialog box.

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