Altova MapForce 2022 Enterprise Edition

This topic lists all the menu commands available in the View menu.

Show Annotations ic-show-annot

Displays XML schema annotations (as well as EDI info) in the component window.  

If the Show Types icon is also active, then both sets of info are show in grid form.




Show Types ic-show-types

Displays the schema datatypes for each element or attribute.

If the Show Annotations icon is also active, then both sets of info are show in grid form.


Show Library in Function Header ic-show-lib

Displays the library name in parenthesis in the function title.


Show Tips ic-show-lib-info

Displays a tooltip containing explanatory text when the mouse pointer is placed over a function.


XBRL Display Options

See Configuring the XBRL Label Display Options.


Show Selected Component Connectors ic-conn-all

Switches between showing all mapping connectors, or those connectors relating to the currently selected components.


Show Connectors from Source to Target ic-conn-prim-sec

Switches between showing (i) connectors that are directly connected to the currently selected component or (ii) connectors linked to the currently selected component, originating from source and terminating at the target components



Opens the Zoom dialog box. You can enter the zoom factor numerically or drag the slider to change the zoom factor interactively.



Steps back through the currently open mappings of the mapping tab.



Steps forward through the currently open mappings of the mapping tab.


Status Bar

Switches on/off the Status Bar visible below the Messages window.



Switches on/off the Libraries window.


Manage Libraries

Switches on/off the Manage Libraries window.



Switches on/off the Validation output window. When generating code the Messages output window is automatically activated to show the validation result.



Switches on/off the Overview window. Drag the rectangle to navigate your Mapping view.


Project Window

Switches on/off the Project window.


Debug Windows

The debug mode enables you to analyze the context in which a particular value is produced. This information is available directly in the mapping and in the Values, Context, and Breakpoints windows. For more information, see About the Debug Mode.


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