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Altova MapForce 2020 Enterprise Edition

Right-clicking a connection and selecting Properties from the context menu, or double-clicking a connection, opens the Connection Settings dialog box in which you can define the settings of the current connection. Note that unavailable options are disabled.


Connection Settings dialog box

For items of complexType, you can choose one of the following connection types for mapping (note that these settings also apply to complexType items which do not have any text nodes):


Target Driven (Standard)

Changes the connection type to "Target-driven" (see Target-driven / Standard mapping ).

Copy-all (Copy child items)

Changes the connection type to "Copy-all" and automatically connects all identical items in the source and target components (see Copy-all connections ).

Source Driven (mixed content)

Changes the connection type to "Source-driven", and enables the selection of additional elements to be mapped. The additional elements must be child items of the mapped item in the XML source file, to qualify for mapping.


Activating the Map Processing Instructions or Map Comments check boxes enables you to include these data groups in the output file.


Note: CDATA sections are treated as text.


The Annotation Settings group enables you to annotate the connection (see Annotating Connections ).

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