Altova MapForce 2023 Enterprise Edition

PADIS (Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards) are a set of messages using the EDIFACT (ISO 9735) syntax.


MapForce currently supports only messages using the UNH/UNT message header and trailer segments.

MapForce supports the collections IATA.00.1 to IATA.08.1.

To add an IATA PADIS file as mapping component:

1.On the Insert menu, click EDI.

2.Click the "IATA" collection under "IATA PADIS", and select the check box next to the required message type(s).


3.When prompted to supply an instance file, click Browse, and open the source IATA file to be used as mapping source. If you are mapping to an IATA PADIS component, click Skip.


The IATA component is now added to the mapping, and you can draw mapping connections to or from it. To change the settings of the IATA component, right-click it, and then select Properties from the context menu (see also EDI Component Settings).

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