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Altova MapForce 2020 Enterprise Edition


Importing Custom XQuery 1.0 Functions

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When XQuery is selected as mapping transformation language, MapForce displays the built-in function libraries available for XQuery in the Libraries window. If necessary, you can extend this list with custom XQuery functions, by importing custom XQuery 1.0 library modules into MapForce.


To be eligible for import into MapForce, an XQuery file must satisfy the following requirements:


It must be a valid library module according to XQuery specification. In other words, it must start with a module declaration such as module namespace <prefix>="<namespace name"

All functions declared in the imported library module must return atomic data types (for example, xs:string, xs:boolean, xs:integer, etc). Function parameters must also have atomic types.


To import an XQuery library module:

1.On the Tools menu, click Options. (Alternatively, click Add/Remove Libraries in the lower area of the Libraries window.)

2.Next to Libraries, click Add and browse for the .xq or .xquery library file.


If the imported library module is not supported, a message box prompts you. Otherwise, the imported library modules appear in the Libraries window, and then you can drag specific functions into the mapping area and use them like any other MapForce function component.


If you do not see the imported XQuery library module, make sure that XQuery is selected as transformation language (see Selecting a Transformation Language).


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