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Altova MapForce 2020 Enterprise Edition

When MapForce plug-in for Visual Studio is enabled, you create and open mappings and mapping projects in a way that is applicable to the Visual Studio environment, as opposed to the standalone MapForce graphical user interface. For example, when you create a new file in Visual Studio (using the File | New menu command), or when you add a new item to a project (using the Project | Add New Item menu command), you can select MapForce Files as file type.


Add New Item dialog box (Visual Studio 2017 with MapForce Enterprise edition plug-in)

In a similar way, when you create a new Visual Studio project, you can select MapForce Projects as project template. The following screen shot illustrates a sample New Project dialog box in Visual Studio 2017 with the MapForce Enterprise Edition plug-in enabled.


New Project dialog box (Visual Studio 2017 with MapForce Enterprise edition plug-in)

Opening existing MapForce files and projects is also done through the Visual Studio native functionality. When you need to open existing mapping files or projects, use the applicable Visual Studio menus (for example, File | Open | Files, or File | Open | Project/Solutions), and look for the MapForce-related file types.

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