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Altova MapForce 2022 Enterprise Edition

When you add a database file such as Microsoft Access or SQLite to the mapping (see Starting the Database Connection Wizard ), you can use a relative path instead of an absolute one. To use a relative path, enter the required relative path instead of clicking Browse in the Database Connection Wizard.


Before entering relative file paths, make sure to save the mapping file (.mfd) first. Otherwise, all relative paths are resolved against the personal application folder of Windows (Documents\Altova\MapForce2022), which may not be the intended behavior.


Database Connection Wizard

If the database is a SQLite database, the Connect button becomes enabled if the following is true:


The path points to a file that can be resolved relatively to the mapping (.mfd) file

The referenced file is a SQLite database.


To change the path of a database component which is already in the mapping, do the following:


1.Right-click the header of the database component, and select Properties (see also Changing the Component Settings). Alternatively, double-click the component title bar.

2.On the Component Settings dialog box, click Change.


This re-opens the Database Connection Wizard, from where you can change the database connection properties (including the path) as already shown above.


Note:When you generate program code, or when you compile MapForce Server execution files (.mfx), or when you deploy the mapping to FlowForce Server, a relative path will be converted to an absolute path if the check box Make paths absolute in generated code is selected from the mapping settings (see About Paths in Generated Code).

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