Altova MapForce 2022 Enterprise Edition

To run the XBRL Taxonomy Manager, do one of the following:


In the Tools menu of MapForce, select XBRL Taxonomy Manager.

Double-click the file with the .altova_taxonomies extension downloaded from the Altova website.

From the Windows Control Panel, right-click the Altova Taxonomy Manager entry and select Change or Uninstall from the context menu.


After you complete the installation of MapForce, the check box Invoke Altova Taxonomy Manager is available on the last page of the installation wizard.


Command line interface

To run XBRL Taxonomy Manager from a command line interface:


1.Open a command prompt window and change directory to C:\ProgramData\Altova\SharedBetweenVersions.

2.To display help at the command line, run:


TaxonomyManager.exe --help

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