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NCPDP SCRIPT Auto-Completion Rules

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When generating an NCPDP SCRIPT file, MapForce automatically generates certain fields or values, according to the rules below (referred to as "automatic data completion", or "auto-completion" rules). To disable this behaviour, clear the Auto-complete missing fields check box in EDI Component Settings.


The following fields will be automatically completed:


Interchange Header

UIB/S001/F0001 = controlling agency + syntax version number = "UNOA"

UIB/S001/F0002 = syntax version number = "0"

UIB/S002/F0004 = "Sender"

UIB/S003/F0010 = "Recipient"

UIB/S300/F0017 = current date

UIB/S300/F0114 = current time


Message Header

UIH/S306/F0329 = "SCRIPT", message type

UIH/S306/F0316 = "010" for 10.6, message version number from configuration files.

UIH/S306/F0318 = "006" for 10.6, message release number from configuration files.

UIH/S306/F0326 = message function (or message type from a MapForce perspective)

UIH/F0062 = "0", message reference number


Message Trailer

UIT/F0062 = UIH/F0062

UIT/F0074 = number of segments in the message.


Interchange Trailer

UIZ/F0036 = message count

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