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Altova MapForce 2020 Enterprise Edition

Example files

Most of the data mapping design files (files with .mfd extension, as well as other accompanying instance files) illustrated or referenced in this documentation are available in the following folders:


C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Altova\MapForce2020\MapForce Examples

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Altova\MapForce2020\MapForce Examples\Tutorials


The example mappings and instance files accompanying MapForce illustrate most aspects of how it works, and you are highly encouraged to experiment with them as you learn about MapForce. When in doubt about the possible effects of making changes to the MapForce original examples, create back-ups before changing them.


Graphical user interface

Some of the images (screen shots) accompanying this documentation depict graphical user interface elements that may not be applicable to your MapForce edition. In relevant contexts, images typically include the name of the source mapping design (*.mfd) file, as well as the edition of MapForce in which the graphic was produced.

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