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Global Resources in C++, C#, Java

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When you generate C#, C++, or Java program code, any Global Resources used by the mapping will be resolved. For example, a file or folder alias defined as Global Resource will be converted to the actual file or folder path. If a particular Global Resource configuration is selected from the Global Resources drop-down list, then the code will be generated for the selected configuration. The Messages window provides information as to how exactly a Global Resource was resolved, for example:



To generate code for a particular Global Resource configuration, select it from the Global Resource drop-down list before generating code. Alternatively, if you generate code from the command line, supply the GLOBALRESOURCEFILE and GLOBALRESOURCECONFIG parameters at the command line (see also MapForce Command Line Interface).


It is not possible to switch or refer to Global Resources from generated code (instead, you can modify the code to change the input or output file path).


Note:        In C# or Java, you can change not only the path but also the data type of input or output, see Changing the data type of the mapping input/output (C#, Java).

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