Altova MapForce 2023 Enterprise Edition

Customizing EDI Validation

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This section illustrates how validation of EDI messages can be customized in MapForce so as to achieve the following goals:


Relax validation of fields where validation rules are not completely enforced by the standard and may be extended by means of external standards.


For example, there are EDI data elements that may accept code values specified in external ISO standards or UN/ECE recommendations, in addition to predefined code values. In this case, when processing such EDI fields, you can configure MapForce to return a warning (not a validation error) when an external code is encountered, and resume the mapping process. For further information, see Relaxing Field Validation.


Perform full validation of fields such as the ones described above, by adapting custom configuration files to MapForce.


For example, to validate the Data Element 4405 of the UN/EDIFACT D.16A standard, you may add a custom configuration file which contains the validation rules as defined by the UN/ECE Recommendation 24 ("Trade and Transport Status Codes". The code values defined in UN/ECE Recommendation 24 are external to the EDIFACT standard (and thus are not part of the default set of EDIFACT configuration files supplied with MapForce). For further information, see Adapting Code Values from External Sources.


Perform validation globally for all messages where a field is used or locally for a particular message.


It is possible to configure validation to apply globally or locally. Global validation affects all occurrences of the field in all messages. Local (or "inline") validation applies only to a specific message. For further information, see Defining Custom Code Values at Message Level (Inline).


Define advanced validation rules for fields that require validation not only at field level, but also at character level.


Certain messages, such as the VERMAS (Verification of Mass) message of UN/EDIFACT D.16A, contain fields that require advanced validation rules (such as Data Element 8155). This field may accept code values specified in ISO 6346. To validate fields such as ISO 6346, MapForce can be customized, by means of configuration files, to check if specific characters occur at specific positions within the field. For further information, see Configuring Character-Level Validation. (Note that ISO 6346 is mentioned here only as an example, the MapForce configuration files already include validation rules for ISO 6346.)

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