HL7 Version 2

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HL7 Version 2

HL7 is an industry standard for data exchange between medical applications and is an abbreviation of "Health Level Seven". MapForce supports versions 2.2 to 2.6.


The default HL7 version in MapForce is 2.6.


A separate installer for the additional HL7 V2.2 - V2.5.1 XML Schemas and configuration files is available on the MapForce Components page of the Altova website (https://www.altova.com/mapforce/download/libraries).


The XML-based HL7 version 3.x is supported in MapForce 2019 using XML schema components.


The MapForceExamples project contains a sample that maps a HL7 V2.6 to a HL7 V3 XML file (HL7V260_to_HL7V3.mfd).


For more information about HL7, see https://www.hl7.org/.

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