Altova MapForce 2023 Enterprise Edition

For each database that you want to query, a database connection must be created. If your mapping already includes a database component, you can select the existing database connection from the upper area of the DB Query pane (by default, the connection is "Offline") and start exploring the database objects and run queries.


If your mapping does not include any database component, or if you want to connect to a new database, click Quick Connect ( quickconnect ) and follow the wizard steps to create a new database connection (see Examples ). You can also select an existing database connection from Global Resources, if one has been defined as such (see Global Resources ).


Once you are connected to the database, you can create database queries using one of the following methods:


Import the SQL query into the SQL Editor pane from an existing SQL file.

Write the query in the SQL Editor pane.

Right-click an object in the Database Browser pane and generate a query (typically, SELECT).


When you are ready to run the query displayed in the SQL Editor pane, click the Execute ic_execute-sql button. The database data is retrieved and displayed in the Results tab in tabular form. Note that the status bar  displays the "Finished Retrieval" message ( dbq-ret-edit1a ), and other pertinent information about the query results.


Once the "Finished Retrieval" message is displayed, you can search, sort, or copy to clipboard the search results (see Copying, Sorting, and Searching the Query Results ).

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