HL7 Version 3

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HL7 Version 3

Support for HL7 version 3.x is automatically included in MapForce 2019 as it is XML based.


A separate installer for the HL7 V2.2 - V2.5.1 XML Schemas and configuration files is available on the Libraries page of the Altova website ( https://www.altova.com/mapforce/download/libraries ) Select the Custom Setup in the installer, to only install the HL7 V3 components and XML Schemas.


Location of HL7 XML Schemas after installation:


32-bit MapForce on 32-bit operating system,


64-bit MapForce on 64-bit operating system

C:\Program Files\Altova\Common2019\Schemas\hl7v3

32-bit MapForce on 64-bit operating system

C:\Program Files(x86)\Altova\Common2019\Schemas\hl7v3


HL7 documents can be used as source and target components in MapForce. This data can also be mapped to any number of XML schema components.


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