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Altova MapForce 2022 Basic Edition

This topic lists all the menu commands available in the Edit menu. Most of the commands in this menu become active when you view the result of a mapping in the Output pane or preview XSLT code in the XSLT pane.

Undo ic_undo

MapForce has an unlimited number of undo steps that you can use to retrace your mapping steps.


Redo ic-redo

The redo command allows you to redo previously undone commands. You can step backward and forward through the undo history using both these commands.


Find ic-find

Allows you to search for specific text in any of the XSLT, XSLT2, XSLT3,  or Output panes.


Find Next F3 ic-find-next

Searches for the next occurrence of the same search string.


Find Previous        Shift F3 ic-find-prev

Searches for the previous occurrence of the same search string.



The standard windows Edit commands, allow you to cut, copy etc., any components or functions visible in the mapping window.


Select all

Selects all components in the Mapping pane or the text/code in the XSLT, XSLT2, XSLT3,  or Output panes.


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