Altova MapForce 2022 Basic Edition

When a mapping contains user-defined functions, you can easily navigate between the definition (mapping) of each user-defined function and the main mapping as shown below.

To open a user-defined function for viewing or editing:

Double-click the title bar of a user-defined function on the mapping.


Double-click the specific user-defined function in the Libraries window.


You can also edit a function by double-clicking its name in the Libraries window. However, only functions in the currently active document can be opened this way. Double-clicking a user-defined function that was created in another mapping opens that mapping in a new window.


Note:If you edit or delete a user-defined function that was imported into multiple mappings, all importing mappings will be affected by the change.

To go back to the main mapping:

Click the Return to main mapping ( mf_ic_gotomainmapping ) button in the top-left corner of the mapping window.



In addition, a history is preserved as you navigate through various MapForce tabs, including user-defined functions. To go back and forward between tabs visited previously, click the Back ( mf_ic_back ) and Forward ( mf_ic_forward ) toolbar buttons. The corresponding keyboard shortcuts for these buttons are Alt+Left and Alt+Right, respectively.

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