Altova MapForce 2022 Basic Edition

To edit a user-defined function:

1.Open the mapping that contains the user-defined function.

2.Double-click the title bar of the user-defined function on the mapping. The Mapping window changes to display the function's contents where you can add, edit, or remove components as required.

3.To change the function's properties (such as name or description), do one of the following:


Right-click an empty area on the mapping and select Function Settings from the context menu.

Click the User-defined function settings ( mf_ic_udf_settings ) toolbar button.


You can also edit a function by double-clicking its name in the Libraries window. However, only functions in the currently active document can be opened this way. Double-clicking a user-defined function that was created in another mapping opens that mapping in a new window.


Note:If you edit or delete a user-defined function that was imported into multiple mappings, all importing mappings will be affected by the change.

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