Altova MapForce 2022 Basic Edition

You can easily copy and paste user-defined functions between mappings, as follows:


1.Click Add/Remove Libraries at the base of the Libraries window. The Manage Libraries window opens.

2.Right-click inside an empty area in the Libraries window, and select the option Show All Open Documents.

3.Open both the source and the destination mappings. For example, in the image below, the source is BuildHierarchyRecursive.mfd and the destination is New.mfd.


Note: Make sure that both the source and the target mappings are already saved to disk. This ensures correct resolution of paths, see also Copy-Paste and Relative Paths.


4.Right-click the UDF from the source mapping file and select Copy from the context menu (or press Ctrl+C).


5.Right-click the "User-Defined Functions" entry of the target mapping file and select Paste from the context menu.


See also Managing Function Libraries.

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