Altova MapForce 2022 Basic Edition

Add a Function to the Mapping

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MapForce includes a large number of readily available built-in functions that you can add to the mapping as described below. For reference to all available built-in functions, see Function Library Reference.


You can also add user-defined functions (UDFs) to the mapping using the same approaches as described below, provided that:


the UDF has already been created in the same mapping, or

you have imported a mapping that contains UDFs, as a local or global library.

To use a function in a mapping:

1.Select a transformation language. Note that the list of available functions depends on the selected transformation language.

2.Click the required function in the Libraries window and drag it to the mapping area. To filter functions by name, start typing the function name in the text box located in the lower part of the window:



Alternatively, you can also quickly add a function to the mapping as follows:


1.Double-click anywhere on the empty area of the mapping and start typing the function name. A combo box appears with the same functions as in the Libraries window, filtered by the text you entered. To see a tooltip with more details about each function, select any function in the list.


2.Select the required function, and press Enter to add it to the mapping. To close the combo box without selecting a function, press Escape, or click anywhere outside the box.

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