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Keeping Connections After Deleting Components

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You can decide what happens when you delete a component that has multiple (child) connections to another component, e.g. a filter or sort component. This is very useful if you want to keep all the child connections and not have to restore each one individually.


You can opt to keep/restore the child connections after the component is deleted, or to delete all child connections immediately.


Select Tools | Options | Editing (tab) to see the current setting. The default setting for the check box is inactive, i.e. "Smart component deletion (keep useful connections)" is disabled.


E.g. using the CompletePO.mfd mapping in the ...\MapForceExamples folder, and the check box is active, the Customer filter is a copy-all connection with many connected child items, as shown below.


Deleting the Customer filter opens a prompt asking if you really want to delete it. If you select Yes, then the filter is deleted but all the child connectors remain.


Note that the remaining connectors are still selected (i.e. shown in red). If you want to delete them as well, hit the Del. key.


Clicking anywhere in the mapping area deselects the connectors.


If the "Smart component deletion..." check box is inactive, then deleting the filter will delete all child connectors immediately.


Note:If a filter component has both "on-true" and "on-false" outputs connected, then the connectors for both outputs will be retained.

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