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Altova MapForce Server 2021 

Occasionally, XBRL taxonomies may receive patches from their issuers. When the XBRL Taxonomy Manager detects that patches are available, the following happens:


If you use XBRL Taxonomy Manager through the Windows graphical user interface, the respective XBRL taxonomies are shown with the _ic_taxonomy_patch icon.

If you use the command line or a Linux/macOS system, any XBRL taxonomies that have patches are listed when you run the executable with the list -u command.

To apply a patch on Windows:

1.Click the Patch Selection button. The icon of each XBRL taxonomy that qualifies changes from _ic_taxonomy_patch to _ic_taxonomy_upgrade, and the dialog box informs you about the patches that are to be applied, for example:


Note:The Patch Selection button is enabled only when there are patches available for any of the currently installed XBRL taxonomies.


2.Click Apply.

To apply a patch at the command line interface:

1.Run the list -u command. This lists any taxonomies where patch upgrades are available.

2.Run the upgrade command to install the patches.


For more information, see the reference to the Command Line Interface.

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