Altova MapForce 2023 Enterprise Edition

Customizing EDI Structure

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By default, MapForce represents the structure of EDI files on the mapping according to their formal specifications. In most cases, it shouldn't be necessary to manually customize the default EDI configuration. However, if you need to process various non-standard EDI formats and variations, then customization is required. For example, you may need to slightly adapt the structure or validation rules of certain data elements. This can be achieved by adding a custom EDI collection to MapForce, and then configuring it according to your business needs, which is the subject of this chapter.


You can create EDI variations (custom EDI collections) for the following standards already supported by MapForce: EDIFACT (ISO 9735), ASC X12, HIPAA X12, HL7, NCPDP SCRIPT, SWIFT MT, or TRADACOMS. Creating a new EDI standard from scratch is not supported.

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