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Altova FlowForce Server 2020 Advanced Edition

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Monitoring Job Execution

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When a job meets the trigger criteria or when it is triggered on demand through a Web service call, an instance of that job starts running. You can view the status of all currently running jobs in the Home page of the FlowForce Web administration interface, in the "Running jobs" section.


The Status column reflects the job status as it was when the page was last refreshed. To get the latest status of all jobs, click the Reload Grid gui_refresh button. For reference to all the job instance statuses, see Job Statuses.


In addition to running job instances, the table displays also any recently finished jobs, including jobs that failed for whatever reason. Such jobs are displayed only for a short time (approximately 1-2 minutes) after their execution finished. You can always check the full history of each job instance from the Log page, see Viewing the Job Log.


When it starts, each job instance is assigned a unique ID that is displayed in the Instance ID column. The instance ID helps you subsequently track the execution status of each job instance, from the Log page. You can also click the instance ID inside the table as the job is running—this redirects you to the Log page and displays only the details pertaining to the selected job instance. If you would like to use to the job's unique instance ID in a job (for example, to create unique file names), this is possible with the help of the instance-id expression function.


If necessary, it is possible to stop running job instances by clicking the Stop job button. Note, however, that this may cause data corruption and should be done only exceptionally, see also Stopping Jobs.


If multiple FlowForce Server instances run as a cluster, the "Running jobs" table includes additional details about the cluster members running each job instance, see Monitoring Execution of Distributed Jobs.

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