Altova FlowForce Server 2022 Advanced Edition

Migrating Data Manually

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On Windows, you do not typically need to migrate configuration data manually. When you install a new major version of FlowForce Server and a previous major version is already installed, the installation wizard prompts you to migrate the configuration data.


Should you need to migrate configuration data manually, follow the instructions below.

To migrate configuration data manually:

1.Ensure that Altova ServiceController ic-ServiceController is running in the system notification area. Otherwise, start the Altova ServiceController.

2.Stop the FlowForce Server service and the FlowForce Web Server service.

3.Delete the FlowForce Server data folder installed by the 2022 installation wizard.  The path to the data folder depends on your Windows version (see How FlowForce Server Stores Configuration Data).

4.At the command prompt, run the FlowForce executable with the migratedb command, for example:


"C:\Program Files(x86)\Altova\FlowForceServer2022\bin\FlowForceServer.exe" migratedb



5.Start the FlowForce Server Web and the FlowForce Server services.

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