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Altova FlowForce Server 2020 Advanced Edition

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Migrating to FlowForce Server 2020

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Uninstall the previous version of FlowForce Server (see Uninstalling FlowForce Server). Note that uninstallation does not remove the application data directory which stores your configuration data (such as jobs). The name of the application data directory depends on the major version of FlowForce Server (for example, /var/opt/FlowForceServer2017).

Install FlowForce Server 2020 (see Installing FlowForce Server). This creates a new application data directory with the default configuration data (for example, /var/opt/FlowForceServer2020).

To migrate data to FlowForce Server 2020:

1.Stop the FlowForce Web Server service if it is running.


[CentOS 6]:       sudo initctl stop flowforcewebserver

[CentOS 7]:       sudo systemctl stop flowforcewebserver

[Debian 8]:       sudo systemctl stop flowforcewebserver

[RedHat]:         sudo initctl stop flowforcewebserver

[Ubuntu 16.04]:   sudo systemctl stop flowforcewebserver


2.Remove or rename the NEW data directory created during installation.


sudo rm -rf /var/opt/Altova/FlowForceServer2020/data


3.Migrate the EXISTING data by running the migratedb command available in the command-line interface of FlowForce Server, for example:


sudo /opt/Altova/FlowForceServer2020/bin/flowforceserver migratedb



4.Start the FlowForce Web Server service.


[CentOS 6]:       sudo initctl start flowforcewebserver

[CentOS 7]:       sudo systemctl start flowforcewebserver

[Debian 8]:       sudo systemctl start flowforcewebserver

[RedHat]:         sudo initctl start flowforcewebserver

[Ubuntu 16.04]:   sudo systemctl start flowforcewebserver

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