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Altova FlowForce Server 2020 Advanced Edition

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Configuring the Server

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This chapter provides information about configuring FlowForce Server. This includes configuration that you need to perform immediately after installation, as well as various server maintenance or routine tasks such as starting or stopping services, data backup, and others.


You can manage FlowForce Server and its settings using the approaches listed below.


From the Setup page

After a new FlowForce Server installation, the first thing that you typically define is the host name (or IP address) and port where the FlowForce Web Server and FlowForce Server services should listen. For further information about this part, see:


Setup Page

Defining the Network Settings

Setting up SSL Encryption.

From a Web administration interface

Once the network settings mentioned above are set, you can configure the following in any order:


Setting the Default Time Zone

Setting Mail Parameters

Changing the Directory Service Settings

Changing the Logging Settings

Managing User Access

From the command line interface

See Command Line Interface.

By editing configuration files

See FlowForce Server Application Data.

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