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Altova FlowForce Server 2020 

You can quickly find out the details logged by FlowForce Server with respect to a particular job from the Log View. You can access the Log View either by clicking the Log menu item, or from various other contexts where a View Log button is displayed (for example, each job's configuration page displays a View log button).


Log View

As illustrated above, the Log View provides sorting, pagination, and filtering of records. By default, it displays the logged events of the last 7 days, with minimum severity set to "Info". To filter out information messages from the log, select "Warning" as minimum severity. To skip both information messages and warnings, select "Errors" as minimum severity.


A unique job instance exists for each run of job, as shown by the Instance column. You can filter out log entries either by the unique instance ID of the job, or by the job (object) path. In the latter case, the log will display all instances pertaining to the selected job path.


After changing any of the filters, click Show to update the page with your selection. To refresh the log, click the Reload Grid gui_refresh button.


Note:Some logged events do not have a job instance ID because it is not applicable. This is the case, for example, for job configuration change events.


The Message column may include links to the job configuration page or to a details page that displays further information about the logged event. Be aware that there is a default threshold that specifies the maximum length of a log entry. If you find out that certain log entries (such as parameter values in steps) are truncated because they are too long, this can be addressed, see Changing the Logging Settings.

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