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Altova FlowForce Server 2022 

Time triggers allow you to schedule jobs to start at a specific time and run for a specific time interval. Time triggers have flexible recurring options: For example, they can be set to run daily, weekly, on specific days of the week or month. The screenshot below illustrates a sample timer trigger.



Timer trigger structure

Timer triggers have the following parameters: Run, Repeat, Start, Expires, Time Zone, and Enabled (see descriptions below).


Defines whether the trigger should fire once or every N number of days. The following options are available:




On days of week;

On days of months;

On days in weeks of months.



Defines the Repeat options of the trigger. The repeat events occur on days specified in the Run drop-down list (see previous parameter). The every field defines the repeat frequency in minutes. The from and to fields define the time range between repeat events.



Defines the trigger's starting date and time. The start date and time entries are mandatory if you selected Once from the Run drop-down list. When you click in the date field, a pop-up calendar opens, which allows you to select the start date. You can also type in the date manually.



Defines the date and time when the trigger expires.


Time zone

Defines the time zone applicable to the start and expiry date and time. The default time zone is defined in the server administration settings.



The enabled check box allows you to enable or disable the trigger. This option is useful when you create and test new jobs.


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