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Starting and Stopping Services (Linux)

The FlowForce Server solution consists of two services:




Run the commands below to start or stop the flowforcewebserver service. If you need to start or stop the flowforceserver service, replace flowforcewebserver with flowforceserver in the commands below.



To start the FlowForce Web Server service:

[CentOS 6]:       sudo initctl start flowforcewebserver

[CentOS 7]:       sudo systemctl start flowforcewebserver

[Debian 8]:       sudo systemctl start flowforcewebserver

[RedHat]:         sudo initctl start flowforcewebserver

[Ubuntu 14.04]:   sudo initctl start flowforcewebserver

[Ubuntu 16.04]:   sudo systemctl start flowforcewebserver



To stop the FlowForce Web Server service:

[CentOS 6]:       sudo initctl stop flowforcewebserver

[CentOS 7]:       sudo systemctl stop flowforcewebserver

[Debian 8]:       sudo systemctl stop flowforcewebserver

[RedHat]:         sudo initctl stop flowforcewebserver

[Ubuntu 14.04]:   sudo initctl stop flowforcewebserver

[Ubuntu 16.04]:   sudo systemctl stop flowforcewebserver



To check if a service is running, run the following command (replace servicename with either flowforcewebserver or flowforceserver).


sudo service servicename status

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