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Preparing Intermediary Certificates

When you sign a certificate with a Certificate Authority, you will receive intermediary certificates that form the chain of trust between your server and the certificate authority. To use intermediary certificates in FlowForce Server, you must combine all of them into a single file, as shown below:


1.Using a text editor such as Notepad, create a new text file (let's call it intermediate.pem, you can also choose another file name and extension).
2.Open each intermediary certificate in a text editor, and copy-paste the content into the intermediary.pem file. Importantly, the certificate text must be copied in reverse order (that is, the secondary intermediary certificate goes first, the primary goes second), for example:



... (secondary intermediate certificate) ...



... (primary intermediate certificate) ...



3.Save the intermediate.pem file. You will need to refer to it from FlowForce setup page later.

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