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Altova FlowForce Server 2019

FlowForce Server is a cross-platform software solution used to automate tasks on Windows, Linux, and macOS servers and workstations through a Web interface.


FlowForce Server integrates with other Altova server products (MapForce Server, StyleVision Server, and both flavours of Raptor XML Server) and automates their functions, such as executing a MapForce mapping, executing a StyleVision transformation, or validating an XML or XBRL file. With FlowForce Sever you can also create and automate common server tasks, such as sending emails, managing files on the local system or network, managing files through a File Transfer Protocol (FTP), running shell scripts, and others.


The FlowForce Server documentation is organized into the following main sections:


FlowForce Server Overview
Installation on Linux, macOS, and Windows
Configuring the Server
Managing User Access
Working with Jobs
The FlowForce Expression Language
MapForce Server and StyleVision Server Integration
Command Line Interface
Built-in Functions
Expression Functions
Job Configuration Examples


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Last updated: 29 April 2019

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