Altova FlowForce Server 2022 

Installing FlowForce Server

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System requirements



Ensure that Altova LicenseServer is installed and running either on the local machine or network.

Perform installation as a user with administrative (root) privileges.

If you are installing FlowForce Server with other Altova server products, it is recommended to install FlowForce Server first.

The macOS machine must be configured so that its name resolves to an IP address (that is, you must be able to successfully ping the host name from the Terminal using the command ping <hostname>).


Installing FlowForce Server

1.Download the disk image (.dmg) file from the Altova website ( ) and click to open it.  This causes the installer to appear as a new drive on your computer.

2.Double-click the package (.pkg) file, and go through the successive steps of the installation wizard. These are self-explanatory and include one step in which you have to agree to the license agreement before being able to proceed. When you complete the wizard, the FlowForce Server icon becomes available in Applications. The package is installed in the directory /usr/local/Altova/FlowForceServer2022/ .

3.If you have not installed Altova License Server already, or if you want to upgrade to the latest version, double-click the corresponding package (.pkg) file and follow the on-screen instructions. Altova LicenseServer is required to run any Altova server application, including FlowForce Server.

4.In Applications, double-click the FlowForce Server icon. This opens the FlowForce Server configuration page in the browser.


If the name of the Mac machine cannot resolve to an IP address (see Prerequisites), the browser opens a page with the following message: "FlowForceWeb does not appear to be available at http://<hostname>:<port>. Please restart it and reload this page." If you see this message, do the following:


a.Click the link mentioned in the message.

b.In the browser's address bar, replace <hostname> with either localhost or the IP address of your Mac.


5.From the configuration page, register FlowForce Server with Altova LicenseServer.

6.Configure the network address and port of the Web administration interface, see Defining the Network Settings.

7.Log on to the Web administration interface (by default, http://localhost:8082, unless you changed the address and port in the previous step) and change the default FlowForce Server root password. The default login name and password is root and root, respectively.


Note:If you have already installed other Altova server products before installing FlowForce Server, copy the .tool file from /etc directory of the corresponding product to the FlowForce Server /tools directory. The .tool file contains the path to the executable of each Altova server product. To copy the tool file, run the cp command in the terminal. For example, if you are copying the .tool file from the MapForce Server installation path, run:


cp /usr/local/Altova/MapForceServer2022/etc/*.tool /usr/local/Altova/FlowForceServer2022/tools


Licensing FlowForce Server

1.Ensure that the latest version of Altova LicenseServer ( is installed and running either on the local machine or network.

2.Register FlowForce Server with Altova LicenseServer. For this, you need to know either the host name or the IP address of the computer where LicenseServer runs. For example, if LicenseServer runs on, you can register it as follows:


sudo flowforceserver licenseserver


3.Log on to the LicenseServer administration interface and assign the license to the machine where FlowForce Server runs.


For more information, refer to Altova LicenseServer documentation (

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