Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Additional Setup Notes (Windows)

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Cluster configuration

FlowForce Server Advanced Edition offers clustering capabilities. You can configure the cluster during installation or after installation (via the Administration: Cluster page). Cluster configuration is described here.


Data folder migration

The installer will offer you the option to migrate the application data folder from an older major version (for example, version 2023) to a newer version (for example 2024). If you disable this option, you will need to migrate the application data directory manually after successful installation. The data folder location path will be something like this: C:\ProgramData\Altova\FlowForceServer2024\data.


This migration option will be offered only if an installer has not previously begun a migration—that is, if an application data folder does not already exist. If a previous migration attempt did not complete successfully or if you are downgrading from a newer to an older major version, it may be necessary to manually review the existing data folders and, if necessary, move an incomplete folder to another location before you install.


To migrate the data folder manually, disable this option in the installer wizard and, after installation, use the migratedb command.


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