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Altova FlowForce Server 2021 Advanced Edition

You can stop any currently running job provided that your user account (or any roles that your user account is member of) have the Stop any job privilege.


Warning: Since stopping a job may cause data corruption, it must be done only in exceptional circumstances.


When you stop a job, FlowForce Server first attempts to terminate the job gracefully. While it is not possible to predict the outcome of a stopped job, a graceful termination will normally attempt to perform the error handling tasks associated with the job (if any have been defined). If graceful termination is not possible, FlowForce terminates the job forcefully, after waiting for some time. To force FlowForce Server to terminate the job forcefully earlier, you can click the Force stop job button at any time.

To stop a running job:

1.Click Home. Any currently running jobs are displayed in Running Jobs page section.


2.Click Stop job. FlowForce Server prompts you to confirm the action:


3.Click OK. Be patient while the system attempts to stop the running instance; this may take several minutes, depending also on the job kind. During this time interval, the job status changes to "Aborting" or "Aborting after step N".


As soon as the job instance is stopped, the status changes to "Aborted", or "Aborted after step N".


If, due to any reason, the job instance could not be stopped gracefully, click Force stop job to stop it forcefully.

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