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Altova® EBA add-in for Excel, version 2020


Installing Additional Taxonomies

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The EBA (European Banking Authority) XBRL taxonomy is installed by default on your computer at the same time when you install the add-in.


In addition to the EBA taxonomy available by default, you can optionally download and install the following additional XBRL taxonomies:


ACPR COREP SUBCON - COREP, SubConsolidated (Prudential scope)

ACPR COREP SUBCON - COREP, SubConsolidated (Prudential scope)

ACPR COREP SUBCON 2.6 - COREP, SubConsolidated (Prudential scope)

ACPR LCB-FT 2.1 - Lutte contre le blanchiment des capitaux et le financement du terrorisme

Banco de Portugal Reporting Framework 3.0

Banco de Portugal Reporting Framework 2.0

Banco de Portugal FINREP ITS 2.1

Bank of England Banking Taxonomy 3.2

Bank of England Banking Statistics Taxonomy 1.0

FTK 2.0

FTK 1.0.3

FTK 1.0.2

NBB FINREP9 (Financial Reporting)

NBB TREP 1.0.2 (Trading Reporting)

SRB LTD 3.0.2 (Liability Data Template)

SRB LTD 2.0.1 (Liability Data Template)

SRB LTD 1.1.3 (Liability Data Template)

SRB SRF 4.0.3 (Single Resolution Fund)

SRB SRF 3.0.1 (Single Resolution Fund)


The additional taxonomies are available for download at To install any of these taxonomies, run the downloaded executable file and follow the on-screen instructions. After installation, additional entries become available for selection on the "Select Entry Point" dialog box, see Creating a New Report. To prepare XBRL data in Excel, the same instructions and best practices apply as further described in this documentation. For additional help, consult the documentation of the corresponding authority that supplies the taxonomy.

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