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Altova® EBA add-in for Excel, version 2021 Basic Edition


Installing XBRL Taxonomies

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When you install the add-in for the first time on your computer, only the most recent version of the EBA XBRL Taxonomy is installed by default.


If you need support for other EBA XBRL Taxonomy versions, or country-specific XBRL taxonomies, these have to be installed separately. Specifically, you can install, upgrade, or uninstall XBRL taxonomies on demand, using the XBRL Taxonomy Manager tool included with the add-in.


To run the XBRL Taxonomy Manager, do one of the following:


In the EBA ribbon, click Manage Taxonomies.

Run (double-click) a file with .altova_taxonomies extension downloaded from the Altova website.

From the Windows Control Panel, right-click the Altova Taxonomy Manager entry and select Change or Uninstall from the context menu.


In addition, the check box Invoke Altova Taxonomy Manager is available on the last page of the installation wizard, after you complete the installation of Altova® European Banking Authority (EBA) XBRL add-in for Excel.


Note the following:


Installing or uninstalling a taxonomy from XBRL Taxonomy Manager takes effect for all users accounts on the same computer.

Installing or uninstalling a taxonomy from XBRL Taxonomy Manager takes effect in all Altova XBRL-enabled applications installed on the same computer.

If the current taxonomy has dependencies on other taxonomies, the dependent taxonomies are also installed (or uninstalled, as applicable).


For further information, see Managing XBRL Taxonomies.

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