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The showcfg command outputs a human readable list of all current options that may affect any command executed by DiffDog Server and by any DiffDog Command Line Client connecting to it. The listed options are grouped into the following categories:


Client configuration:


Application - This group lists any options that you've defined in the client configuration file on the same machine as the server
Registry - (Windows-specific) This group lists options that exist in the Windows registry. This is the case if DiffDog is installed on the same machine.
Built-In - This group lists options that are built into the local client executable. The application will default to these options when no others exist.


Server configuration:


Global - This group lists any options that you've defined in the server configuration file


The showcfg command takes no arguments and does not have options.



diffdogserver showcfg


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DiffDogServer on Windows

diffdogserver on Unix (Linux, Mac)


* Note that lowercase (diffdogserver) works on all platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac), while upper-lower (DiffDogServer) works only on Windows and Mac.

* Use forward slashes on Linux and Mac, backslashes on Windows.

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