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Using the Object Locator

You can use the Object Locator in different ways. Either use the drop-down list to select one of the objects contained herein, or type a string in the text field of the drop-down list and further filter the list of objects contained in the list.



To find database elements using the Object Locator:

1.If the Object Locator is not enabled, click the Object Locator ic_object-locator icon in the Select Database Objects for Comparison dialog box or press Ctrl+L.
2.Optionally, change the Object Locator context by clicking the arrow icon ob_ic_locator_expand next to the drop-down list.
3.Enter the string you want to look for (for example, "feed"). The drop-down list displays all elements that contain that string.


4.Click the desired object to have it selected in the dialog box.


The ob_ic_locator_expand icon opens a menu allowing you to further refine the search.


Using this menu, you can restrict the display of objects as follows:


From current Data Source

Displays only objects from the currently selected data source.

From Focused Item

Changes the display dynamically, depending on the folder or object that is currently selected.


Displays all objects from all data sources that are currently connected.

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