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Altova® DiffDog® 2019 Enterprise Edition enables you to intelligently find differences between a pair of directories and between a pair of documents. Furthermore, you can also find structural differences between a pair of XML Schemas or database schemas, and compare also the data that is contained in selected tables of a pair of databases. Directories and files as well as XML Schemas, database schemas, and database data can be compared on different bases and according to a variety of options that you can change quickly in the GUI. In addition, DiffDog allows you to synchronize the content of two directories, generate XSLT stylesheets and  MapForce® mappings for XML Schemas, merge the structure or data of database tables, and copy or delete changed files with a mouse click.


This User Manual describes the interface and the various features of DiffDog, and provides guidance on how to use DiffDog. It consists of the following parts:


An Introduction (this section), which provides an overview of DiffDog features, a description of the available comparison modes, and an overview of the DiffDog interface.
Guidance on how to use DiffDog. These sections provide an overview of how to use the file comparison, directory comparison, Microsoft Word document comparison, XML Schema comparison, database schema as well as database data comparison features of DiffDog and also introduces you to various ways in which you can put these features to efficient use.
Descriptions of how to navigate, merge, and export differences.
A User Reference, which contains a description of all the toolbar icons, menu commands, as well as status and result messages of DiffDog.
An overview of the command line options in DiffDog and how to use DiffDog in source control systems.


The User Manual is indexed so you can find topics quickly. Additionally, the onscreen Help provides full text search (Help | Search): Keying in a search term in the onscreen Help will pop up a list of topics in which the search term appears. This documentation is also available online and in PDF format at the Altova website (

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