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Browsing Data Sources

When you connect to a data source in DatabaseSpy, the data source is also displayed in the Online Browser, a powerful tool for analyzing, browsing, and searching for database objects, and for viewing the database structure of multiple databases simultaneously.


The Online Browser gives you an overview of the database objects on the database server(s) to which you are currently connected. Furthermore, you can show the row count for tables and views, generate SQL statements or retrieve data directly from the Online Browser and show them in the SQL Editor, or view the design of a database object in the Design Editor.


Online Browser

The following database objects may be displayed in the Online Browser:


Data types
XML Schemas (for DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle databases)



Different layouts for the objects in the Online Browser can be selected and you can apply filters to different folders as well as use the Object Locator to locate specific database objects in the Online Browser. Furthermore, you can also define favorites to facilitate quick access to objects that you use frequently.


Connection method

A check box is available in the Online Browser options that, when activated, shows also the connection method in the Project window as well as in the Online Browser together with the data source connection name.


Data comparison

When selecting tables and/or columns for comparison by clicking the Browse button in a Data Comparison window, DatabaseSpy displays the Select Database Objects for Comparison dialog box, which basically includes a variation of the Online Browser.



Display options in the Data Comparison window

In the Data Comparison window, the schema of compared tables is displayed by default. In the Data Compare options, you can disable this option, and you can also choose to display the tables' data source name in the header of each component.

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