Duplicating Tables

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Duplicating Tables

To re-use the definition of an existing database table, you can automatically generate a CREATE statement in an SQL Editor window, edit it as required, and execute the script. This way, you can even duplicate tables from different databases, provided that you edit the SQL statements so as to comply with the syntax of the target database.


Alternatively, you can also use table structure converting feature.



To duplicate a table definition:

1.Right-click a table in the Online Browser and select Show in new SQL Editor | Create from the context menu.
2.Rename the table in the SQL Editor if you want to add the duplicate to the same database.
3.Optionally, edit the column and key properties.
4.If you want to add the table to a different database, change the active data source, see Changing the Data Source of Design Editor . In this case, make sure to edit the SQL syntax to comply with the target database.
5.Click Execute dbs_ic_execute_script.

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