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Comparison Properties

When you click into an empty area of a Data Comparison or Schema Comparison window, the comparison properties are displayed in the Properties window. Here you can change the way tables and columns are compared, how the comparison file is stored in the project, and define several options for string and XML comparison. Properties that apply only to data comparisons are printed in italics type.



File Kind

Reads "Data Comparison" for database data comparison files (*.dbdif) and "Structure Comparison" for database schema comparison files (*.dbsdif).


Compare Options




Changes between native comparison and string comparison. Note that XML comparison is only supported in native comparison mode.

Keep only different rows in memory

Stores only rows that contain differences in the database data comparison file.

Use native comparison for XML columns

The content of XML columns will be compared as native XML. If this option is activated, additional properties are available in the XML Compare Options section.

Append trailing zeros to float-numbers

Floating point numbers will be filled up with trailing zeros.

Ignore case

Different case of database data will be ignored during comparison.

Ignore whitespaces

Whitespace will not be considered for the comparison.

Start comparison when opening a document

A comparison will be started automatically if a comparison document is opened in DatabaseSpy.

Processing mode


Choose between sequential and parallel processing.


String Options

Treat [NULL] as empty string

NULL-values will be regarded as empty string for comparison.


Merge Execution Options

Use transactions for merge

Transactions will be used when changes are committed to the database as a result of a merge.

Rollback on errors

If an error occurs during the merge, the files will be rolled back to their original content.


XML Compare Options

Compare whitespaces

Choose whether whitespace should remain unchanged, be normalized (i.e., all consecutive whitespace characters are reduced to one whitespace character), or be stripped (i.e., not considered) for comparison.

Ignore case

Different case will be ignored during comparison.

Don't ignore case in node names

Different case of node names will be regarded as difference.

Ignore namespace

Skips the namespace when comparing.

Ignore prefix

Ignores prefixes when comparing.

Ignore order of children

Compares nodes without considering the order in which child nodes appear.

Ignore order of attributes

Does not consider the order in which attributes appear.

Resolve entities

When activated, resolves all entities in the document, or compares entities as is when not activated.

Ignore text

Differences in corresponding text nodes will not be reported.

Ignore node depth

The additional depth of any element (i.e., more levels of descendants) relative to the depth of the corresponding element in the compared file will be ignored. This option must be unselected to enable merging and exporting differences.

Ignore Attributes

Nodes of type attribute will be ignored.

Ignore CDATA

Nodes of type CDATA will be ignored.

Ignore Comments

Nodes of type Comments will be ignored.

Ignore Processing Instructions

Nodes of type Processing Instruction will be ignored.

Ignore Doctype

Nodes of type DOCTYPE will be ignored.

Ignore XML declarations

Nodes of type XML Declaration will be ignored.




Here you can enter a description of the file.




Creation Date

Modification Date

Access Date

Displays the respective creation and modification dates and shows when the file has last been accessed.


Shows the file size.

Read Only


These properties are read-only and can only be changed outside DatabaseSpy.

Full Path

Displays the full path to the file. To jump directly to this location, right-click the file in the Project window and select Locate File... from the context menu.

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