"ZooDB" Database

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"ZooDB" Database

In this tutorial, you will use DatabaseSpy to create a SQL Server database that models a zoo. SQL scripts and other files are provided to help you complete this task. You will create the database from scratch, and then use scripts and text files (*.TXT) to populate it with data.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


Use project files to manage the connections and SQL files relevant to your database project
Use DatabaseSpy to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server database
Create and add tables to a database using SQL as well as DatabaseSpy's Design Editor
Create relationships between those tables
Add constraints to the tables
Add data to the database using SQL scripts as well as DatabaseSpy's import and editing functionality
Browse the database using the Online Browser
Generate SQL statements using features of the SQL Editor such as generating statements based on existing objects, and autocompletion
Export data to XML files
Compare two schemas of a database
Compare your database data with a backup database


Installation and configuration

This tutorial assumes that you have successfully installed DatabaseSpy on your computer and received a free evaluation key-code, or are a registered user of the product. The evaluation version of DatabaseSpy is fully functional but limited to a 30-day period. You can request a regular license from our secure web server or through any one of our resellers.


Tutorial example files

The following files are available in the \Altova\DatabaseSpy2019\DatabaseSpyExamples\Tutorial sub-folder of the Documents folder and are used in the Tutorial:




Several other files are available if you want to optionally populate the tutorial Zoo database with data, see Populating the Zoo Database with Data (Optional).

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