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Using Auto-Completion

In DatabaseSpy, the auto-completion feature assists you when entering SQL statements in the SQL Editor. As you type, you are offered different possible SQL keywords or names of database objects to choose from.


The SQL syntax depends on the specific SQL flavor you are using. This is automatically determined by the connection string you defined using the Connection wizard, i.e., the Create a Database Connection option.



In this section of the tutorial you will learn how to use the auto-completion feature in DatabaseSpy. Specifically, you will add a new column to the table tblVeterinarians while using auto-completion.


Command used in this section


Command name



SQL Editor

This command is located in the Standard toolbar; alternatively, you can also choose the menu option File | New | SQL Editor or press Ctrl+N. Click this command to open a new SQL Editor window that is assigned to the active data source connection.



This command is available in the Online Browser as a button, or as an option in the context menu that opens when you right-click a database. Use this command to refresh the database and display new or changed database objects in the Online Browser.



This command is located in the toolbar of an SQL Editor window and in the SQL Editor menu. Click this command to execute the SQL in the SQL Editor window.

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