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Customizing the Browser Layout

By default, database object are displayed in the Online Browser with minimum vertical spacing, so as to show as much information as possible. You can, however, change this setting in the Online Browser options.


Default vertical spacing

Increased vertical spacing




To increase vertical spacing in the Online Browser:

1.Select the menu option Tools | Options or press Ctrl+Alt+O.
2.Change to the Online Browser page and deselect the Reduce vertical spacing check box in the Appearance group box.
3.Click OK.



DatabaseSpy provides several predefined layouts for the display of the various database objects in the Online Browser. You can currently select from among the following layouts:


The Folders layout organizes database objects into folders based on object type in a hierarchical tree. This is the default setting in DatabaseSpy.
The No Schemas layout is similar to the Folders layout, except that there are no schema folders; tables are therefore not categorized by schema.
The No Folders layout displays database objects in a hierarchy without using folders. For a better overview, you can activate the Show labels in browser window check box in Online Browser options, so that the name of each database object appears as a prefix.


The Flat layout divides database objects by type in the first hierarchical level. For example, instead of columns being contained in the corresponding table, all columns are displayed in a separate Columns folder.


The Table Dependencies layout categorizes tables according to their relationships with other tables. There are categories for tables with foreign keys, tables referenced by foreign keys and tables that have no relationships to other tables.


In the Online Browser options, you can define a default layout that DatabaseSpy uses when the Online Browser is displayed. Furthermore, you can decide in the options, whether or not the connection method should be displayed together with the data source connection name.



To select a layout for the Online Browser:

In the Online Browser, click the layouts ic_layout_select icon and select the desired layout from the drop-down list. Please note that the icon changes in accordance with the selected layout.



To define the default layout for the Online Browser:

1.Choose the menu option Tools | Options and select the Online Browser page of the Options dialog box.
2.In the Default Layout for Browser Window group box, select the desired layout from the drop-down list.
3.Click OK.



To sort tables into User and System tables:

1.In the Online Browser, right-click the "Tables" folder. A context-sensitive menu appears.
2.Select Sort into User and System Tables. The tables are sorted alphabetically in the "User Tables" and "System Tables" folders.


Note:You must be in the "Folders", "No Schemas" or "Flat" layout in order to access this function.

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